10 Reasons To Choose a Smartwave Boat

Smartwave boats has been in the Marine industry for the last 15 years, built with Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), which has been a major factor in our continuous growth and success. Why we only work with MDPE? Because it’s light and eco-friendly (100% recyclable), it’s zero-maintenance. But mainly, because it’s indestructible. We have many reasons for why you should choose a Smartwave boat for all your boating needs, we have summarised as best we can to provide you with 10 main reasons to join the Smartwave family.

1. Flotation

MDPE is a multi-talented material with positive buoyancy, its density is approximately .938 g/cm3. That makes MDPE lighter than water, which means it is extremely buoyant, even when submerged. Our boats have a dual skin hull which contain a closed-cell polyurethane foam (Endurathane), providing level flotation – making Smartwave boats virtually unsinkable.

2. Zero corrosion – zero maintenance

Oxygen, salt and water have no effect on MDPE. It will not be affected by the ravages of time. Paint system is obsolete, salt water: no need to rinse. Simply put: MDPE offers zero corrosion, and zero maintenance.

3. Safety and Stability

The unique hull design, reverse chines & flotation stability of the Smartwave boats as outlined above – promote lift when accelerating onto the plane and allow for tighter cornering at high speed, all while contributing to unmatched safety and stability at rest.

4. Aggressive liquids? No harm done!

Working with chemical or fuels? We have great news for you: MDPE can hardly be affected by any aggressive liquids.

5. High impact resistance

RIB tubes are quickly damaged when bumping into a sharp rock or other threatening surfaces. Not MDPE – its viscous and elastic characteristics prevent the deformation of cracks. Polyethylene has been independently tested and has five times the impact resistance of fiberglass. MDPE is both tough and flexible thanks to its elastic properties, a strong MDPE hull is perfect if you work close to the shore.

6. UV resistancy

All of our available boat colours have an excellent UV resistancy. Our MDPE compound colourant is UV15, which prevents the material from degrading due to sun exposure.

7. Soft Riding

Due to the nature of the Polyethylene material not only being strong and robust, it also provides flexibility for a soft and quiet riding hull. The dual skin hull, along with its closed-cell polyurethane foam that also provides “level flotation”, absorbs both engine and sea noise. If fishing is your passion, you may benefit from quietly approaching your favourite fishing spot.

8. Easy to repair

If you need to repair something on your MDPE boat, this is a big IF, because these situations rarely occur with MDPE. However, we get asked that ‘IF’ question a lot. The answer is, any local plastic production company can do it for you.

9. Low carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of MDPE production is 5 times lower than aluminium! And that’s only one aspect when it comes to durability. Another aspect: an MDPE boat is indestructible due to its robust hull, which is 5x stronger than fiberglass, so it will stay with you for many years of low maintenance boating.

10. Durability: 100% recyclable

GRP boats have a limited lifespan and are difficult to recycle. The same goes for aluminium: metal deterioration will send any aluminium boat to the scrapheap at one point. MDPE is a different story – it can be 100% re-melted and recycled in a new PE blend.

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