MAC Boats ® first started business in Tauranga New Zealand in 1986 originally designed by Gary MacDougall. This is how the name MAC originated. The first boat was a polyethylene 2.1 metre dinghy. This dinghy was a great success with national sales and exports to Japan, Canada, U.S.A and Australia. Due to the success a 3.4 metre boat was introduced into the range. Both of these boats are still being sold some 20 years later.

Our Fleet



The “Baby MAC” 210 Dinghy is a great little tender, or dinghy, which is lightweight and yet very stable. You can easily transport a MAC 210 on a roof rack, camper van or even carry it up the beach. It’s ideal for rowing or motoring to your mooring, but it is just as much fun playing on the water.



This handy pontoon boat is built to carry your mates and your gear. It’s easy to manoeuvre, with plenty of buoyancy. As a tender it’s light enough to tow along or toss on the deck. As a fun boat it can be easily handled by less experienced boaters no problem. Plus it’s durable enough to take the punishment from a hard life. Now rated to 8hp to get back to the beach or wharf faster!



The MAC 370 is styled as a traditional clinker built dinghy but with a 2hp motor is it now a power boat.
The side and stern seats are fully sealed and filled with foam providing masses of reserve buoyancy. There is an amidships thwart and two rowlock mounts set in the gunwales. There is sufficient seating for four people plus room for gear.



Over 1000 used throughout NZ and the Pacific.
Extremely tough, minimum maintenance required. Comfortable and fun to sail. When capsized returns upright easily and with very little water. Available in bright safe colors. Each boat identical and all gear interchangeable.



The MAC 310 is perfect for youths and club sailing programmes.
A fun safe boat with an open cockpit, big enough to allow for more than one crew or ‘Father & Son’ sailing. The MAC 310 is an idea l ‘step-up to the next level’ sail boat. The large open cockpit allows plenty of room for single crew sailing as well as multi crew with either coach and pupil, or ‘father and son’ scenarios. Even ho adults can have a great time making this little boat perfect for hire boat fleets. The MAC 310 is the perfect addition to sailing clubs, hire and resort fleets, or families simply wanting an exciting boat to add to their selection at the beach house.



The MAC 370 is styled as a traditional clinker build dinghy for sailing.
The un-stayed mast is in two sections which when dismantled, will sit inside the boat. The boat can be prepared for sailing in 15 minutes. The MAC 370 is a stable and easy to sail, this boat is idea for families or yachting organizations wanting a robust economic vessel for so many purposes. This sailing dinghy is ideal for summer camps, sailing schools and outdoor pursuits centres. The Sit Peter Blake Marine Educational Centre has operated these boats for 17 years with 1200 children and adults a year using them which is a real testament for value and


3.6M-4.2M MACS

The MAC 360 highsides advances on the already popular MAC 360.
The polyethylene highsides gives the full MAC 360 range a sporty look whilst adding gunnel height and freeboard to fight fish and provide the user with support. Protection is also provided from wind and wave action. Featuring a built in stainless steel fairlead, roller and warp retainer. Rod holders can be included to meet the customers preferred locations. Storage lockers can be added for items such as sunscreen, keys, sunglasses, wallets etc.


3.6M-4.2M MACS

A great lake boat,estuary boat or tender that can take the occasional hard knock against jetties, shores and rocks. This convenient forward steer position makes it really maneuverable and leave plenty of room for friends and your gear. This boat is also ideal for the serious fly fisherman or diver. Easy to launch from a beach this MAC 360 is a great boat for the holiday home or as a tender on a large boat.


3.6M-4.2M MACS

The MAC Attack 360 is the perfect two person boat.
You’re in the driving position of the jet ski, yet with the stability and maneuverability of a boat. Then, when you’re done zipping around or jumping waves, there’s room for you and your mate to relax and even throw a fishing line over. It is one of the smartest designs to hit the waves an can be legally driven in places where jet skis have had their day. With a 30hp motor it will even tow a skier or a wake boarder.

MAC 390

3.6M-4.2M MACS

The MAC 390 has a shallow draft making i a great lake or estuary boat.
that will also hold it’s own in rougher conditions and goes like a rocket. The convenient forward steer position and windscreen makes it a comfortable dry boat that is ideal for friends and gear. Easy to launch from the beach this boat is a very soft ride and performs as well as a MAC 420 but required less horse power. It gets up on the plane with ease and hold it’s own against a Mac Attack but is more versatile in its use due to internal space and seating. The MAC 390 is an ideal small ski boat, wakeboard boat, fishing, diving or family boat at a very affordable price. This would be the best all round performing boat for its size in the market.


3.6M-4.2M MACS

The 420 Tiller Steer is a large capacity boat that is easy to handle.
For low maintenance and cost effective boating, the MAC 420 Tiller Steer is hard to beat. All the MAC 420 Hulls are extremely soft riding and track true in a following sea. The Tiller Steer is a popular for commercial use as it is a very stable boat to work from. With stability and lots of room internally it is a ‘winner’ for the commercial operator and fisherman alike.


3.6M-4.2M MACS

This 420 model is ideally suited for first-time family boating needs, with the added feature of high sides providing security when in a heavy sea and with a young family on board. Pontoon boats are unbeatable for stability and the MAC 420 is no exception which is why the Coastguard use the MAC 420. Try out the Coastguard training Boat and get your ‘Day Skippers Certificate’ using our MAC 420 Sport.


3.6M-4.2M MACS

The MAC 420 Fisherman is a popular fishing and diving boat.
The MAC 420 Fisherman is stable, safe, easy to tow, launch and retrieve, white providing a soft quiet ride ‘second to none’. MAC Boats have not compromised on the beam width with the pontoon design which has allowed MAC Boats to have a generous internal space.

MAC 420 CC

3.6M-4.2M MACS

Ideally suited for the fisherman or diver, Commercial and private alike. With room for crayfish, crab pots or all the dive equipment you need, this boat has a very open plan for maximum usable space. Easily maintained, this economical boat will be fun for the entire family.


4.7M-7M MACS

When the fish are biting, the MAC 570 will take you there. Its solid construction is built to take the punishment expected of a serious fishing craft. The pontoon-style sides make it remarkably stable in big seas when you’re chasing the big ones. Yet for such a strong boat, it’s also surprisingly light and easy to handle.
The MAC 570 Double Centre Console is a very popular professional diver’s boat capable of carrying up to 7 divers in their diving gear. This boat is a success for commercial operators.


4.7M-7M MACS

The favorite with families and good fishing buddies that’s built to take you to the good times and back again. What other ‘Cuddy Cabin’ design these days is surrounded with buoyancy like this? So it’s the perfect fishing craft with room for all the gang plus room up front to store your gear and your catch. A handy canopy shields you from the summer sun or light showers.


4.7M-7M MACS

Fishing and diving craft to satisfy your needs.
The MAC 600 Double Centre Console is ideal for the serious driving crew and fisherman. With the bow entry, the MAC 600 can handle the rough seas. Boarding the 600 from the stern with full diving gear is easy. Stability at rest and the soft riding quiet hull make for the best all round fishing/diving boat in its size.


4.7M-7M MACS

This versatile Cuddy Cabin has good times written all over it. Looks and handles like fibre glass, yet it’s lighter than aluminium, so you’ll need less power to make it go; And it’s easier to tow. With a bimini and clears, it shelters you from the sun and occasional shower so you won’t come back red-faced. With room for one family or two plus all your gear and choice of colours for the cabin it’s a winner.


4.7M-7M MACS

The largest of the MAC fleet, the 600 is like the 4WD of the water. At first glance it looks like a fibre glass boat, yet it’s resilient enough to handle the hard knocks. It’s also a lot lighter so you’ll need less horse power to make it perform. It’s got the stylish lines to turn heads yet the handling to turn corners. For families who want to spend quality time on the water, or a fishing craft that can head for deep water, the MAC 600 takes a lot of beating.



Mac Boats® unique double skinned foam filled pontoon wide beam hull makes them the ultimate robust platform for both commercial operators and rescue vessels worldwide. Used extensively for Rescue, Coastguard training, Commercial fishing, Diver operations, Rowing and Sailing clubs, Marina/Wharf infrastructure Specialist project boats. Mac Boats® are specialists at custom building to a specific brief for both rescue craft and commercial work boats.

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