Frequently Asked Questions


Polyethylene has an impact resistance five times stronger than fiberglass. RIB tubes are quickly damaged when bumping into sharp rocks or other threatening surfaces. Not MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) – its viscous and elastic characteristics prevent the deformation of cracks. It is quite difficult to severely damage a Smartwave polyethylene boat, as the inherent nature of the material is to flex on impact. Smartwave boats provide a low maintenance and soft riding hull.

The hull is a seamless, double-skinned design with an average hull thickness of up to 10mm for each skin.

Yes, they certainly do. Every Smartwave hull we manufacture has a closed cell Endurathane foam pumped into the hull at strategic locations to provide added buoyancy and level flotation for your safety. By foaming our hulls at set points, Smartwave boats meet with CE and Australian Build standards.

The plastic compound used by Smartwave Boats is a Marine grade medium density polyethylene (MDPE) manufactured specifically for the construction of our Smartwave boats. The material is UV stable and has a UV rating of 15 which is much higher than most plastics (for example, a wheelie bin which spends all its time in the sun and outdoors only has a UV rating of 2).

All of our Smartwave Boats range have a warranty of 2 years. Click here to read our warranty T&C’s.

You must ensure you use an approved trailer so you are covered under warranty. The use of an unapproved trailer will void our warranty on Smartwave Boats.

Please refer to the required specifications outlined below:

  • Hull must be supported solely by longitudinal support Skids/Bunks
  • Central Skids/Bunks are highly recommended
  • Skids/Bunks must support at least 70% of the hull length
  • Skids/Bunks must support past the stern by at least 50mm
  • Skids/Bunks must have contact surface being plastic or carpet
  • Trailer must have entry roller
  • Trailer must have bow roller or correctly fitting snub block to lock in the bow.
  • An outboard support bracket is highly recommended to prevent transom flex when trailering.

Approved trailer agents in New Zealand:

  • DMW Trailers

Don’t panic – we can ship to almost anywhere in the world. Call us on +64 9 273 5666 or email us at: [email protected] to arrange the best possible solution and find out any areas Smartwave Boats will be expanding into soon, it could be your area! We look forward to hearing from you!

Repair & Maintenance

If you are based in New Zealand, we can arrange to have your boat sent to our factory in East Tamaki – Auckland. Our Smartwave Boat experts can assess, repair and give advice on all your Smartwave boat’s needs.
Freephone (within NZ): 0800 62 22 62
Australia: +61 1800 841 605
If you are outside of New Zealand, you can call us on +64 9 273 5666 to discuss further options.

Normal everyday washing only requires fresh water and you may wish to use a form of marine wash. If your Smartwave is really grubby you can use Simple Green or CT18 which is available at most Marine stores and wash down with a high-pressure hose. NOTE: Do not try and polish your boat with car polish or any type of buffing compound, this will have the reverse effect on your boat. Once the boat has been washed thoroughly you can buff the boat with a lambswool buffing pad (no liquids).

Step 1: Sand the hull with a medium to course grade sandpaper (80g)
Step 2: Clean surface with high pressure cleaner
Step 3: Apply Buff Primer as per instructions (Altex Coatings)
Step 4: Apply Ultra Build 520 as per instructions (Altex Coatings)